Product information
  • Name: A/B Scanner
  • Model: ST-3S
  • Brand: SeeHiTech
Product specification

B Mode:
Ultrasonic frequency: 10MHz
Scanning method: mechanical sector scan
Gain control:20~105dB
Display mode: B, B+A, B+B, A, IOL
Scanning range: zoom 31-63mm, 9 scale selectable, scanning angle 53°
Resolution: axial≤0.2mm, lateral≤0.4mm
Gray: 256
A Mode:
Ultrasonic frequency: 10MHz
Biometry accuracy: ≤±0.08mm
Display resolution: ≥0.01mm
Measuring range (AL): ≥50mm
Measuring parameter: anterior chamber depth, lens thickness ,vitreous length and axial length; Normal Cataract, Dense Cataract , Aphakic, Pseudophakic, etc.
Measuring method: automatic and manual
IOL power calculation: SRK-II,SRK-T,Binkhost-II,Holladay,Hoffer-Q.
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Weight: 10Kg